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Jira built-in automation


Automation is part of Jira functionality. It allows users to automate many kinds of daily tasks in Jira.

Issue Checklist can be integrated with Jira automation in both directions:

  • Jira action (transitioning Jira issues, adding a label, etc.) can add or modify the checklist
  • Checklist action (e.g., checklist becomes completed or uncompleted) can update Jira (e.g. Resolve or Reopen the issue)

Please note that you cannot combine Default Checklist feature with the "Issue Created" trigger from the Automation plugin. 
The reason is that both solutions depend on Jira "Issue Created" notification, which is sent asynchronously, and we don't know which plugin handles it first. 

Multiple rules important note

If you have multiple rules touching the same issue, and one of them creates/updates the checklist, please provide checklist content in both YAML and Text fields. 
We will remove that limitation in one of the coming versions. 

Service Desk important note

Please note that Jira Service Desk offers two places where automation can be defined. Please stick to one of them to make sure there are no competing rules that overwrite each other.

 See screenshot...

Example use cases

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