Add checklist items from multi-select dropdown field

This page will describe the steps required to setup an automation rule that when trigged (i.e. by transitioning an issue) adds new checklist items to the issue composed out of dropdown field values (Component field in this example).

Creating the rule

  1. On the page Project settings > Automation > Rules click on the button Create rule

  2. In the New Trigger panel select the Issue Transitioned trigger

    After you have selected the right transition click on Save to proceed

  3. Add any appropriate conditions and save.

  4. Click the New action button to add a new action and select the option Edit issue

  5. The dropdown button Choose fields to set…; allows you to select the field to update in automation; choose the field Checklist Text. and fill the Checklist Text textarea with a code similar to the following code snipped (you may want to add a checklist title as is the case in the code snippet that follows).

1 2 3 4 --- Checklist Title {{}} * [open] {{.}} {{/}}

In this example the needed values are taken form the smart value issue.componentsbut they can be taken from any other dropdown field including custom fields. Learn more on smart values here. Take note of the hash sign # before the field name, this indicates an iteration over the values of a field that can contain more than one value.


Save and publish the rule. Note that when an issue is updated, you may need to refresh to see the new checklist.