Add checklist when custom field gets particular value (issue create)

This guide is based on Jira built-in automation functionality.

The guide works for Classic projects only. Next-gen projects are too limited and do not support automation features.


"Save checklist data to Jira custom fields" option must be enabled in Issue Checklist Global Settings


  1. Go to Automation listing page (it is either Project settings > Project automation or Jira Settings > System > Automation rules) and press Create rule button:

  2. On the New trigger page select Issue created trigger:

  3. On the Issue created page click Save:

  4. One the New component select New condition option:

  5. On the New condition page select Issue fields condition option:

  6. On the Issue fields condition page select the desired field and the value required to add checklist:

  7. On the New component select New action option: 

  8. On the New action page select Edit issue option:

  9. On the Edit issue page:

    1. select Checklist Text custom field in the dropdown:

    2. type or paste your checklist into Checklist Text custom field:

      and press Save button

  10. On the Add component page, add a name to the Automation rule and press Turn it on button:

  11. Test your setup, i.e. create issue with the custom field value that meets the configured condition and spot your checklist applied:

    Hint: page refresh might be required to see the checklist.

In case of problems or questions, please contact our friendly support team for assistance.