Setting a template as default checklist

Defining a default checklist (template)

In order to create a default checklist (template), please follow the steps:

  • Open an existing issue in a project that you want to define a default checklist for.
    Next, on the issue page, find the Checklist panel and open Manage Templates dialog:
    • Click three dots "..." menu button.
    • Click "Manage Templates" option.

  • Alternatively, navigate to Checklist Templates page in project sidebar:

  • Click "Set default" for the selected template.

  • Select issue types that will get the checklist applied when created or select "All issue types" option to make the checklist default for all issue types in the project.

    Click "Save" button to close the dialog and store default template settings.

  • At this stage, every issue created in the selected project will get the checklist applied automatically, according to the settings above.