Deleting a template

Unless you are a project administrator you can only delete templates that were created by you. Read more

  1. Open "Manage Templates" dialog:

    or go to "Checklist Templates" page:

    The screenshots below were taken from Manage Templates dialog but the process is identical on Checklist Templates page.

  2. Click "Delete" on a selected template (you can delete only your own templates, unless you are a project administrator - read more):

  3. If template to be deleted is used as the default checklist in other projects (i.e. other than the one you're currently in) you will need to confirm your intention:

  4. Templates aren't removed straight away after you click "Delete". You can undo that operation as long as the dialog / page remains open.

    If you don't undo the deletion, the template will be permanently removed after you close the dialog or navigate away from the page.