Checklist Progress custom field

"Checklist Progress" custom field shows number of completed checklist items versus total number of items in the checklist, e.g. "4/5".

It gives a nice overview of the checklist completion and can be displayed in various places across JIRA, e.g. agile Board/Backlog and issue Search views:


"Checklist Progress" field is created, managed and modified by the Issue Checklist app.

The field does not require "Save checklist data to Jira custom field" option enabled. 


  • Display checklist progress in Agile views
  • Display checklist progress in Search view
  • Read checklist progress through Jira API

Checklist Progress field details

TypeChecklist Progress (locked own type delivered by Issue Checklist)


"Checklist Progress" custom field might contain following data:

  • "Checklist: x/y", where x is a number of completed items while y is total number of items.
  • Empty value for issues that do not have checklist items.