Release notes v1.9.1 (1.2.1)

Issue Checklist Pro v1.9.1; Issue Checklist Free v1.2.1

Released: 17/Oct/20

This version introduces several new features, improvements, and fixes. Some of the features are not available in the Free version (please visit the provided documentation links to find out more). 

The most important changes are: 

  • Send email notification on user mention - when you mention users, they will get an email just like when mentioned in Jira's comments. Read more

  • Accessibility improvements - if you use a screen reader, you should notice improved experience when working with the checklist.

  • Jira mobile app performance improvements - if you use Jira mobile app, then you can enjoy working with the checklist faster than ever.

  • Security improvements - using advanced permissions and checklist history is now even more secure.

  • Advanced permission settings available in Next-Gen - you can configure who can view/add/edit/toggle/delete checklist items in Next-Gen projects too!

  • UX improvements and fixes

List of requests solved:

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