Release notes v1.8.20

Version 1.8.20

Released: 24/Nov/18

All Issue Checklist versions greater than 1.7.25 will be updated automatically to version 1.8.20.

If your Issue Checklist version is 1.7.25 or below, then please go to "Jira settings > Apps > Manage apps", find Issue Checklist on the list and press "Update" button.

Jira custom fields migration might be required when updated to version 1.8.20

This version introduces new custom fields integration. If you use Issue Checklist custom field, then migration to the new custom fields might be required. Please check migration guide for more information. 

This version introduces new custom fields which are now created and configured automatically. 

It means that following features will work out of the box, without manual configuration required:

New custom fields implementation fixes following bugs too:

This version also fixes problem with Issue Checklist panel being too narrow after issue page resize.

List of requests solved:

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