Add custom field to a screen

Custom field can be added to the screen in one of the following ways:

You can also read how to hide custom field from Issue View page.

In order to add a field to the Issue View screen (which might be the same as Edit and Create screens) directly from the Old Issue View page, please follow the steps:

  • Open an issue page (make sure it is an Old Issue view)
    ?oldIssueView=true URL suffix forces Jira to show the issue in Old view, e.g.,

  • Expand the Admin dropdown and click Add field option as presented below

  • The dropdown with list of available fields pops up. Select the field that you want to add to the Issue View, e.g., Checklist Content YAML or Checklist Text:


In order to add a field to the screen in the Jira classic project, please follow the steps:

  • Go to the selected project page and select Project Settings option in the sidebar navigation:

  • Next, select Screens in sidebar navigation:

  • On the Screens page, click a name of a screen that you want to configure (depending on the operation and issue type), e.g. a screen for Create issue or View issue operation:

    You can also see the list of all screens available in Jira by going to Jira Settings > Issues > Screens page.

  • On the Configure Screen page add a field (e.g., Checklist Text) to the list:

  • Test your setup: go to the Create Issue (or View Issue) page and spot the custom field available, e.g.: