Complete items automatically

This feature allows you to complete checklist items automatically when a transition has occurred on an issue. For this to take place you will have to configure your project so the post function is executed after an issue is transitioned.

Adding the post function

  1. Go to Project Settings > Workflows page

  2. Click the edit/pencil icon on the selected workflow to enter the workflow’s edit mode

    Workflow page


  3. On the workflow edition page click on the Diagram button to switch to the diagram mode

  4. On the diagram now opened, click on the transition arrow that you want the post function to be added. Then click on Post Functions link

    The target transition is selected


  5. On the transition edition page now opened, click on Add post function

    A list of all post functions configured for the target transition


  6. Check the post function named “Complete All Checklist Items” then click on Add button

    The post-function is selected


  7. On the next page, click on Add button.
    You can confirm the post function is configured on the next screen

  8. You will then have to publish your draft Workflow for the changes to take place.

    Publishing the draft workflow

Testing the feature

At first, we have an issue with a checklist that has unchecked items on it.

An issue with a checklist that has some unchecked items


After the needed transition is made all items on the issue checklist are checked.

In case there’s more than one checklist on the issue, the items of all the checklists will be checked.

All items on the checklist are checked