Release notes v1.10.9 (1.2.14)

Issue Checklist Pro v1.10.9; Issue Checklist Free v1.2.14

Released: 15/May/21

This version introduces the following new features and improvements:

  • Optional and mandatory items - mark some items as optional and allow users to resolve the issue as soon as all mandatory items are completed. Read more

  • Show checklist to JSM users - Jira Service Desk agent can show/hide the checklist to/from the client from the issue page. Read more

  • Templates filtering - find the template using a quick search field. Read more

  • Import checklist from Checklist for Jira - if you are a heavy user of the Checklist for Jira app (with lots of checklist data), but you like Issue Checklist app more, you can migrate easily now. Read more

List of requests solved: