Managing templates

Templates can be accessed and managed from the following places:

Possible operations that can be performed on a template are listed below:

The operations available for any given template will differ slightly depending on your permissions.

Unless you are a project administrator you can only edit/rename/delete templates that were created by you.

Project administrators can manage templates created by others and set template as the default checklist.

Manage Templates dialog (issue view)

Open an existing issue and select "Manage templates" option from the dropdown menu:

A dialog will open with the list of all templates:

If there are more than 10 templates, you will see a search field to filter templates by their name. Just start typing the name in this field to filter the list:

Checklist Templates page (project sidebar)

Larger templates and long lists of templates can be managed more comfortably from the Checklist Templates page.

To navigate to the templates page click on “Checklist Templates” link in the project sidebar:

The page offers exactly the same functionality as the dialog, including template creation.