Release notes v1.10.3 (1.2.8)

Issue Checklist Pro v1.10.3; Issue Checklist Free v1.2.8

Released: 27/Feb/21

This version introduces several new features, improvements, and bug fixes. 

The most important changes are: 

  • Dark mode support - in Jira mobile app (iOS and Android) you can see the checklist rendered in dark colors when needed. Read more

  • Dashboard gadget listing assigned/mentioned item - quickly find the open items assigned to you. Read more

  • Emoji picker added - when adding or editing an item, simply type the colon ":" character and emoji picker will pop up. Read more


  • Allow blocking transition if checklist is missing - we have introduced another validator to help you control the flow of the issues. Read more
  • More search option - to easily find issues with the checklist that matches your query. Read more
  • Several UX improvements and bug fixes

List of requests solved:

Key Summary T P Status Resolution