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Connection problem (yellow triangle)

If you are experiencing a problem loading checklist and seeing the yellow triangle or “Something’s gone wrong” flag as presented below, please read how to find the root cause and solve the problem.

Does the same problem happen on other browsers and for other users in the same network (your colleagues)?

  • Yes, the same problem occurs on other browsers, and other users are affected too.
    The most likely problem is VPN/Proxy/Firewall blocking connection to our servers. Read more below.

  • No, only one person is affected and it works fine on another browser.
    The Atlassian bug is the most likely culprit. Read more below.


VPN / Proxy / Firewall blocks checklist connection

Too strict rules set for a company’s network might block connection to checklist servers.

To quickly validate the problem, please connect your computer to the non-office network (e.g. at home or phone hotspot). If the Issue Checklist works fine, then you’ve just confirmed the problem with the company network setup.

In that case, you need to relax the rules in your VPN / Proxy / Firewall software. For example, you might need to disable the “CyberSec” rule in the NordVPN configuration:

If your network is managed by a company, please reach out to your IT department, and ask for whitelisting checklist servers:

Atlassian / browser bug causes checklist loading failure

If the problem happens occasionally on some browser, and only to some users, it is most likely caused by an Atlassian bug (It is closed but not solved, unfortunately): https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJS-1156

To validate that you can also check your browser’s console logs for Addon iframe timed out messages.


In that case please comment and vote the bug (you might need to log in to Ecosystem Jira).

To solve the problem, please try any of the following:

  • change the browser to some other (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

  • clear browser all data in the browser related to Atlassian/Jira instance (cookies, local storage, etc.) - articles that might help: one, two, three

  • try logging out and in from your Atlassian account, in some cases that fixes the problem