Bulk Adding a Checklist

Bulk Add Checklist (Checklist Text Field)


Bulk Add Checklist Template

  1. Use JQL to select the issues you want to add the checklist to.
    Note that if you have created a default template that is automatically added to issues of a given type in a project, you may want to bulk add the checklist to all issues that were created before the default list was created.
    This query will return all issues in the Another KAN project that were created before the start of the current month.

    1 project = AK AND createdDate < startOfMonth()
  2. To bulk edit the select issues, click the menu in the upper right corner and select Bulk change all x issue(s).

  3. Use the checkbox to indicate which issues you want to add the checklist to. Click Next.

  4. Select Edit issues as the operation and click Next.

  5. Select the checkbox for Change Checklist Template field and select the indicated template from the dropdown list.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click Confirm to initiate the update.

  8. Click Acknowledge when the update is complete. The checklist will have been added to the selected issues.