Smart Checklist Import (Server and Cloud)

If you want to migrate from Smart Checklist for Jira Server, first migrate all your data to Jira Cloud.

The import process reads all checklist items created by the Smart Checklist app (stored in your Jira Cloud) and copies them to the Issue Checklist app.

  1. Go to the Import tab in the Apps view


  2. Selecting the “Overwrite existing items in Issue Checklist Pro” toggle will replace all of the Issue Checklist items if Smart Checklist items are present for a particular Jira issue.
    You should use the toggle if you perform subsequent import attempts.
    Leaving the toggle OFF will append imported checklist items to the already existing Issue Checklist items if any.

  3. After pressing “Start import”, we will schedule data import.
    You can refresh the status of the import by clicking the “Refresh” icon.



  4. Import status will change when the background import process is launched.
    Since that moment you cannot cancel the import.


  5. After a successful import, you will get the basic information about the results


Please note that currently we only support/match our default statuses - Open, In Progress, Done, and Skipped during the import (statuses can be enabled in Global Settings).
If default statuses were changed in Issue Checklist, the import will mark all of the not matched statuses as Done for checked items, and mark them as Open for unchecked items.