Release notes v1.8.42 (1.0.12)

Version 1.8.42 (1.0.12)

Issue Checklist Pro v1.8.42; Issue Checklist Free v1.0.12

Released: 9/Jun/19

This version introduces following new features and improvements:

  • Checklist status dropdown can have checkbox now -  so there are three options available: checkbox only, status dropdown only, checkbox and status. Read more

  • Checklist statuses can be enabled and configured per project - so every project can have different option enabled. Read more

  • Template can be created directly from Manage Templates dialog - along with the previously available way, i.e., saving existing checklist as a template. Read more

  • Copy checklist as YAML text - it is very useful if you need checklist in YAML format for automation purposes. Read more

List of requests solved:

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