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Create YAML for a checklist (deprecated)

Checklist Content YAML field is deprecated and it will be removed in the future. Please use the Checklist Text field instead. 

If you need a checklist in YAML format for automation purposes, then use "Copy checklist as YAML" option from the checklist "..." menu.

  • Go to any issue page
  • Add checklist items through the Checklist panel as you usually do
  • Use "Copy Checklist as YAML" button from the "..." menu (the YAML representing actual checklist is copied to the clipboard)

    Here is the example YAML copied to clipboard (use Ctrl+P to paste it):

      - text: '--- Optional checklist header/title'
        checked: false
      - text: item 1
        checked: false
      - text: item 2 with **description**
        checked: false
        description: example description