Release notes v1.8.35 (1.0.5)

Version 1.8.35 (1.0.5)

Issue Checklist Pro v1.8.35; Issue Checklist Free v1.0.5

Released: 27/Apr/19

All Issue Checklist Pro versions greater than 1.7.25 will be updated automatically to version 1.8.35. If your Issue Checklist Pro version is 1.7.25 or below, then please update manually.

This version introduces compatibility with GDPR changes to Atlassian API. 

It means that no user data is processed or transferred out of Jira. Issue Checklist relies strictly on user Account ID which is classified as no PII data (cannot be used to identify a user). All user references displayed on Jira page rely on logged-in user permission to show a display name or an avatar.