Release notes v1.8.33 (1.0.3)

Version 1.8.33 (1.0.3)

Issue Checklist Pro v1.8.33; Issue Checklist Free v1.0.3

Released: 23/Mar/19

All Issue Checklist versions greater than 1.7.25 will be updated automatically to version 1.8.33. If your Issue Checklist version is 1.7.25 or below, then please update manually.

This version introduces following new features:

  • Markdown support - use markdown to format checklist items and make them more legible, rich and beautiful. Read more.

  • Checklist editor - use it if you want to access all items at once, delete all of them quickly or if you like Markdown WYSIWYG mode and editor toolbar.  Read more.


List of requests solved:

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