GLOBAL Project

Time tracking can be set at either a Global or a Project level. Projects will inherit the Global settings by default, but if the Project settings are different, Clockwork will respect the Project settings.

  • To configure the Global setting, go to Jira settings > Apps > Clockwork configuration > Time Tracking.

  • To configure the Project setting, go to Project settings > Apps > Clockwork > Time Tracking.


Time Tracking Mode

The time tracking mode set at global level will be inherited by all projects, unless different settings are implemented at the project level.

Turned off

If you select to have time tracking turned off, Clockwork will not be shown on individual issues; users will not be able to start or stop timers; and any timers that were previously running will be deleted. You will still be able to use Clockwork reports including My Work, Timesheets and Reports.


If manual timers are enabled, users will be able to start and stop a timer on an issue. Manual time tracking also allows users to manually create worklogs on Jira issues.

Manual + automatic

If both manual and automatic (see below) time tracking is enabled, users will be able to use manual timers and timers will automatically start/stop when an assigned issued enters/leaves an “In Progress” type status.


Automatic timers start and stop based on the issue status. When an issue has an assignee and is transitioned to an active (see below) status, the timer will start. When the issue is transitioned to an inactive status, the timer will stop. If only automatic time tracking is enabled, users will not see buttons to start and stop time tracking on Jira issues.

Multiple Timers

You can allow multiple timers from simultaneously run for the same user, or (recommended) automatically stop any running timers, when a new timers starts for a given user.

Time Rounding

Time rounding mode allows you to indicate if you want to record timers that ran for less than one minute; and if you want to round timers up to the nearest quarter of an hour.

Time tracking is enabled for selected issue types

You can choose to enable time tracking for some issue types, but not others. Note that new issues types will be enabled by default

Stop all issue timers when work is done

Enabling this setting will stop all timers from running when the issue is transitioned out of an active status, regardless of whether or not a user (who may or may not be the assignee) has a timer running on the issue.