Use Clockwork Timers

Make Clockwork Visible on Issues

If Clockwork does not appear on issues in New Issue View, click on the Clockwork icon.

Automatic Timers

If automatic timers have been enabled in the settings (global or project), then Clockwork can be set to automatically track the time that an issue is an active status. To control which statuses are considered active, go to Project Settings > Clockwork and click on the Active Statuses tab. By default, Clockwork will use any status that is part of the In Progress status category as an active status. If you wish to change the active statuses, select the Override status categories radio button, then drag the desired statuses to the Active column.

When automatic timers are enabled in project, the timer will start whenever an issue has an assignee and is transitioned into an active status. The timer will stop when the issue becomes unassigned or is transitioned to an inactive status.

Manual Timers

Alternatively, if settings have been configured to allow manual timers, users can start and stop timers on issues they are working on. To start a timer on an issue, click the Arrow button. Click the Pause button to stop the timer.



View All Timers

To view all timers that are currently running in your Jira instance, select Apps > Clockwork from the main Jira menu and click on Timers in the left nav bar. You will see a list of all currently running timers.

Manual Time Logging

Users can also log time manually by clicking the + button. A popup window will prompt the user to enter the time worked and an (optional) description.

Acceptable time formats are:

  • 1:15 for one hour and 15 minutes

  • 1h 15m for one hour and 15 minutes

  • 1h for one hour

  • 15m for 15 minutes

  • 15 for 15 minutes


In Clockwork Pro, users can also create a worklog by clicking on the appropriate day/time slot in the Calendar View (Apps > Clockwork > My Work and select the Calendar tab).

Click on the appropriate date/time slot. You will be prompted select an issue. A popup window will then prompt you to enter the time worked and an (optional) description.

If a worklog is created for the incorrect date/time, you can drag it to the correct times lot.


See Time Remaining

When you manually create a worklog, you have the option to add Remaining Time. This allows you to show an estimate of how much time will be needed to resolve the issue. Whenever work is logged on the issue, the remaining time will recalculate.

The Remaining Time estimate can be manually changed at any time. If it is changed, the original total estimate will also be shown on the worklog.

Note that you can also open the Log Work dialog box and change the Remaining Time only, without creating a worklog.