Free vs Pro versions comparison

Clockwork Free is perfect for small to medium companies that use the same settings across all projects and don't require additional permissions.

Clockwork Pro is ideal for companies that need flexibility, have different needs per team, or want to control who can see work-related data.



Free version

Pro version


Free version

Pro version




Limit access to time spent

Limit access to the timesheet

Log work for others

Automatic Timers

Ability to track or ignore issues that were in progress for less than a minute

Rounding time spent to quarters (:15, :30, :45, :00)

Time tracking mode selection (manual, automatic, manual + automatic)

Global setting only

Global setting + per project override

Active statuses override per project

Store accumulated time spent in a custom field (to present on a board)

JQL support

Working hours

Global setting only

Global setting + per project override

Limit of timers started per month



Calendar integration for holidays

Global setting only

Global setting + per project override




Support for basic Jira fields like components, versions, etc.

Breakdown by epic

Breakdown by parent/sub-task

Breakdown by custom fields

Saving timesheets as Reports




Validate time was reported before status transition




Jira Mobile support (needs to be enabled in the configuration)

Clockwork panel already opened in “new issue view”

(users need to click Clockwork icon first)

Moving between versions is effortless

It doesn't matter which version you start with - the data is shared between versions so you can decide to downgrade/upgrade any time. It is retained when you migrate.

If you decide to downgrade to Free all additional features will be automatically disabled.

All you need to do is to install a new version (either Free or Pro), then delete the previous one - you can do it all from within Jira on Find new apps and Manage apps.

Can I remove Clockwork Pro after I installed Free version?

Yes, you can and we advise you do that. There won’t be any data loss. You can also remove Free version after installing Pro.