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ItemsFreePro 🏆
All checklist items features (working with checklist items conveniently)(tick)(tick)
Number of checklist items per issue allowed20unlimited

All templates features (including default checklist)(tick)(tick)
Number of templates allowed6unlimited
Other features

Formatting (markdown, emoji, mentions, due dates, issue links, etc.)(tick)(tick)
Email notification when the user is mentioned(minus)(tick)
Multiple checklists in Jira issue(tick)(tick)
Item statuses (including custom statuses)(tick)(tick)
Workflow (validators & post-functions) (built-in workflow validator)(tick)(tick)
Custom fields integration(tick)(tick)
Automation actions(tick)(tick)
History (tracking changes) days / max number of changes recordedlast 30 days /
100 entries
unlimited days /
1000 entries
Permissions (controlling groups and users that can see or edit the checklist)limited(tick)
Rename title (of the main Jira issue view panel) to Acceptance Criteria or Definition of Done(minus)(tick)

User settings(tick)(tick)
Global settings (including enabling/disabling checklist per project)(tick)(tick)
Projects settings (enable statuses per project, etc.)(minus)(tick)
Service Desk integration

Checklist available for Service Desk agents(tick)(tick)
Checklist progress visible in Service Desk customers' view(minus)(tick)
Read-only checklist items visible in Service Desk customers' view(minus)(tick)

GDPR compliance(tick)(tick)